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News: Pegasus Front End guide and new gpiOS modified theme, checkout the Video. Screenshots from your Gpi, Cloud sync saves, Spotify on Gpi, Boot Logo Pack, revised safeshutdown, Added Pico-8 guide, Fixed discord link. Added N64 to emulators chart. Added theme links. Started a sister site: MiSTer How-To’s

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Advanced Controller Framework

Advanced Controller Framework install guide

Boot Logo Pack

Booting Silently/Hidden

Cloud Sync saves by alexandershalin

Controller Diagrams

Controls/D-pad are not Working!

Commodore64 Setup Guide

Daphne M2V file conversion

Disable Wait for Network

Emulator Compatibility Chart

File Checks on Every Bootup

Lakka General Guides

Outrun Engine (cannonball)

Openbor 3400 Install Guide older

Openbor Beta 6xxx Newest

Pegasus Front End Guide

Pisnes Emulator install guide

Pico-8 Install Guide

Play Station 1 Tools

Prevent Patch Overwrite


Retroarch Cheats Setup

RetroArch Game Boy Bezels

Safe Shutdown Install

Screenshots from your Gpi

Scummvm Guide

Spotify on Gpi

Stereo Downsample Fix

Streets Of Rage Remake

Stuttering/Slow Splash Video

Super Mario All Stars Controls Fix

Theme: Gameboy Zero 35 by Rxbrad

Theme: MiniJawn by Cory Anotado

Theme: Super Retroboy by Travis Wilson

Theme: bebeidon/es-theme-pixel Modified for Gpi

Video Poker Guide

Video Snaps Conversion

Video Snaps ScreenSaver

Wifi and Bluetooth Toggle

Tips & Triks

Additional Resources

Howchoo Beginners Guide
Wagners Beginners Guide

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