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Advanced Controller Framework

Controls_Updater_Menu install guide

Follow this guide to manually add our Controllertools/Controls_Updater_Menu to an existing image.

Install the Controls Updater Menu

cd && cd RetroPie/retropiemenu && wget -O && sudo chmod 775 && sudo rm
 sudo /home/pi/RetroPie/retropiemenu/


Switch the D-pad mode of the Gpi case (if you desire, you don’t need to change it, this is just informational):

The Gpi has a hidden option to change the D-PAD mode. To switch to direct input mode, press SELECT+DPAD LEFT for 5 seconds. You will know it worked when the LED flashes. If you need to revert back to facotry D-pad mode: To switch to hat mode (factory) press SELECT+DPAD UP for 5 seconds. It does not matter which mode your d-pad is in for these mappings, they now work with both modes!

If your Gpi is a newer model, the select button was changed to the start button, so select+DPAD LEFT becomes start+DPAD LEFT.

Future updates

You can get future updates just by doing Option 1 (Update Controls) and option 3 (Update this menu).


Things to keep in mind:

If you have previously setup your key bindings in one of the standalone cores, it is helpful to reset them back to default settings (usually by deleting it’s config file, check the retropie wiki for the core in question to find the config file location). Our controller scripts are based on default bindings. If you want to check if a script has been written for a core, check the script here. Controller Diagrams are located here


For developers who would like to help with mapping, you can find xboxdrv documentation HERE

Useful Testing/development commands:
   xboxdrv --help, xboxdrv --help-key, xboxdrv --help-all
   cat /proc/bus/input/devices
   ls /dev/input/by-id/
   (while the emulator is running):
   evtest /dev/input/event[1]

Default GPi physical gamepad events:

evtest /dev/input/event[0]

(Select+left mode)
D-pad Up - abs Y-
D-pad Down - abs Y+
D-pad Left -  abs X-
D-pad Right - abs X+

(select+up mode, factory default)
D-pad Up - HAT Y-
D-pad Down - HAT Y+
D-pad Left - HAT X-
D-pad Right - HAT X+



jstest /dev/input/js0

D-pad Up - Axes 1:-32767
D-pad Down - Axes 1: 32767
D-pad Left -  Axes 0:-32767
D-pad Right - Axes 0: 32767

A = 0
B = 1
X = 2
Y = 3
LB = 4
RB = 5
Select = 6
Start = 7

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